Stress factor passenger: This behavior annoying motorists the most

12.12.2016 – Insurance tip


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  • 61 percent of motorists in Germany are particularly annoyed when the passenger criticizes the driving style.
  • Travel safely and stress-free by car together? How it works, explains Frank Bärnhof, car insurance expert of CosmosDirekt.

Every day, millions of people travel by car together. Disagreements are not uncommon: criticism of driving style, bad mood or even clinging to the handle – things that have already experienced most Germans. Frank Bärnhof, car insurance expert at CosmosDirekt, explains how to arrive safely together.

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"Do not drive so fast!" – Passengers who bother the driver without advice with advice on driving are particularly disturbing. According to a representative forsa survey commissioned by CosmosDirekt 1 , 61 percent of German motorists are the most annoyed when the passenger criticizes their driving style. Especially women (69 percent) and drivers between the ages of 30 and 44 (66 percent) find this instructive behavior disturbing. A little more relaxed are men (53 percent) and drivers over 60 (58 percent). Frank Bärnhof, car insurance expert at CosmosDirekt, explains: "Anyone who has been shown to be distracted by a discussion with the passenger and causes an accident may be grossly negligent and may in the worst case lose full coverage. Also fine or points in Flensburg can follow. "

Together safely to the destination
Saving money, getting to know interesting people and, at the same time, doing something good for the environment: Private carpooling offers many advantages for people looking for an alternative to their own car or public transport. If you often take other people with you in your car, you have to get along with all sorts of co-driver types and also have the safety of all passengers in mind. Frank Bärnhof: "In a self-inflicted accident your own passengers, the accident opponents and their passengers are covered by the motor insurance of the accident driver. However, there is no protection for the driver himself through his own car insurance – he can secure himself through private accident insurance. "

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  • 1 Population-representative survey "Auto-emotions" by the opinion research institute forsa on behalf of CosmosDirekt. In May 2016, 2,004 motorists aged 18 and over were interviewed in Germany who own a car in the household.

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